Raising Master Readers

Learn How to Teach Pre-K & Kindergarten Reading Skills at Home with Ease

Why You're Here

Teaching your children to master reading skills at home will make you feel accomplished and happy. Knowing that your child is ready for school and has the confidence to meet the challenges of kindergarten makes also confirms that you are indeed playing a meaningful role in your child's learning. 

Your bonus is a bit of freedom. When your child is able to read they can complete activities with more independence, freeing you up to tackle other tasks or put your feet up for a few minutes. 

Raising Master Readers supports you to design just the right reading program for you pre-k and/or kindergartener with ease.  

You Get

  • Access to a community of like-minded parents
  • Support from kindergarten experts
  • Answers to your specific questions
  • Additional materials and resources to compliment the Raising Master Readers course
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